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Advertising Research

Everyone knows the impact that successful advertising campaigns can have – they can make or break a new product launch, send sales figures sky-rocketing, spread through popular culture like wild-fire, and even bring people to tears. At Deep See, we work with you to help you develop the most successful campaigns possible.  From the earliest ideation of campaigns, through to pre and post campaign research, and advertising effectiveness – whatever your needs we can help. We don’t try to shoe-horn your requirements into any off-the-shelf products; rather we develop research that are tailored to exactly meet your individual requirements.

There are a number of different research approaches that we can use to help you develop the most effective advertising campaigns. Here is one of them:

Digital Advertising Effectiveness Research

Deep See uses the latest techniques in online advertising effectiveness to get in-depth measurement and understanding of your digital marketing spend.

Using advanced tracking technology, Deep See can deliver detailed online ad campaign intelligence in the following ways:

  • Reach, frequency and demographic information for the whole campaign;
  • Behavioural information relating to click-throughs and other actions completed after being exposed to the campaign;
  • Surveying those known to have been exposed to the campaign from a panel of millions of profiled consumers internationally. This offers the opportunity to uncover rich attitudinal information about what the target audience saw;
  • Survey questions can be tailored according to sub-audience

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