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Social Media Research

Social media pervades our society and our everyday lives. Consumers engage with their preferred brands through multiple means nowadays – in fact the consumer has become alert to how aware companies are (or should be) of the impact of social media. If a poor service is provided, an unhappy customer will announce their thoughts to their connections without a hesitation. But on the flip side, great service is also duly rewarded – a positive experience can make a big impact and easily be broadcast.

But what use is this to us? Of course, if we are providing excellent customer service then ‘word of mouth’ should take care of itself… but we need to understand who is saying ‘what’, and ‘why’ are they saying it.

Consumers are incredibly savvy and aware to the power of social media – indeed, governments have been toppled such is its power. Your customers are very much stakeholders of your brand, and the brand’s reputation is in their hands. Let us help you look after it.

Our tailored social media research allow us to help you keep a detailed track on what the world is talking about in relation to you brand – and indeed any sub-brands, or marketing campaigns (and those dastardly competitors!).

Our tools allow for semantic analysis of all mentions of any given brand / product / keyword to differentiate between what is delighting customers and what is causing them distress.

We call our approach our ‘Social Communication API’:


Listen to all that is being said through numerous channels


Digest the wealth of data that has been collected. What has been said, by whom, and why?


What does it all mean? We take all the information gathered and all the detail behind it, and tell you what it means, and what we, as a team, should do.

Through analysis of all positive social media ‘chat’, our social media research may pick up on certain elements of your service that are delighting customers and which may not be initially apparent.  On the other hand, we can address any negative activity before it gets out of hand.  This can be done both reactively (to solve problems with affected parties if necessary) and proactively (at the root cause of any poor service).

At Deep See, we try to make all our tools work that extra bit harder, to drive bigger return on investment for you, and to help delight your customers.

Contact us now to find out more and let us help you grow your business.

Looking Further. Seeing More.