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Website benchmarking

Is your website delighting your customers? Is it even serving its purpose? Are there particular tasks or elements of the site that are frustrating your customers? Do you have a new part of your site (such as an online shop) that you want to test to see how it performs against the competition? Do you want to track how the market feels about your site over an extended period?

Then we have just the thing…

As with most research requirements, when looking to research and assess websites, there are a number of different tools at our disposal – from more recent snazzy technology such as eye-tracking, through to more traditional skills such as one-to-one depth interviews. At Deep See we have a number of means of assessing and researching the appeal and performance of particular websites to suit a particular requirement.

In addition to this, we have also developed a unique approach – Deep See Website Benchmarking:

  • This approach has been refined through years of experience in conducting website research
  • It fuses a tried-and-tested toolkit with current trends such as online crowdsourcing to deliver insight that is as relevant and forward-looking as possible
  • It allows for comparison and benchmarking with ‘market leader’ websites on a number of different metrics, and allows us to identify the most effective approaches and traits, and ultimately push for improvements to surpass these market leader examples
  • It allows us to target customers and potential customers and get them to conduct tasks and questioning in a more deliberative manner – respondents have time to immerse themselves in the workings of a site, much as they would do in their everyday life
  • We remove brand bias by getting respondents to benchmark a number of different sites
  • We can direct respondents to spend time conducting specified tasks, or using particular features of a site, to gather more detailed insight into particular areas of interest
  • We can get respondents to record their online experiences with the sites through screen-grab video software in order to see exactly what they see.  We can double this with webcam ‘talking heads’ videos filmed by the respondents as they interact with the site, to add human verbatim feedback to the joys or frustrations of using a particular site
  • We can track scores and feelings towards the sites over a period of time to establish a true benchmark of performance and improvement.  By using this approach, website benchmarking can deliver a strong return on investment
  • It delivers clear actions that can be taken to improve the user experience, based upon real-world, goal orientated exercises.  Benchmarking allows us to pick up on the areas that are delighting users, and the areas that are in need of urgent improvement (it also tells what improvements the users want in order to fix the problem)
  • We can ensure a diverse population spread, or a specific, targeted pool of users as part of the research.  Respondents can be targeted using pre-defined criteria to ensure the optimum targeting
  • Each benchmarking project is completely tailored – we tailor all elements (from the approach, to the sites tested, to the scope) to meet the precise research requirement

Get in touch to find out more about Deep See Website Benchmarking, and to hear about crowdsourcing and web benchmarking with user-generated video.

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