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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is often the starting point for the design of any Deep See customer experience management plan as it identifies each interaction that the customer encounters along each stage of the ‘journey’ from cradle to grave.

Not only does Customer Journey Mapping give an overview of each touchpoint a company has with its customers but it also allows clear measurement of the satisfaction levels customers have at each touchpoint. Understanding the feelings, thoughts and needs of customers helps a company to create a feedback loop that is endemic in the way it listens to customers’ needs, develops a seamless service and builds a loyal customer base.

Why Customer Journey Mapping is important for every company:

  • It is built from the customer’s perspective and focuses on how it feels to be a customer. The fact that it is not internally- or business-driven, allows improvement gaps to be identified
  • It focuses on the outcomes of interactions at each part of the journey and the emotional responses they provoke, resulting in a customer-centric culture being built throughout a company
  • It acts as the foundation from which market research insights can be used to drive business improvement initiatives, thus delivering action of what needs to be done to meet customer needs

Key areas to think about when approaching the mapping of a customer journey include:

Marketing communications, for example:
  • an advertisement
  • website visit
  • company literature
Any human contact, for example:
  • by telephone – to your staff, customer contact departments, telesales/telemarketing personnel, administration/finance staff
  • in person – through reception, business development or sales people, delivery and assessment team
  • any paper contact – through contracts, proposals, commercial documentation, invoicing/accounts, newsletters, etc.
Any physical interaction, for example:
  • receiving a delivery
  • visiting your premises
  • using your facilities
  • even parking on your premises

The journey should also consider lost customers to uncover why the relationship ended. Was it because of a change in customer requirements, a change in the supplier offering, or dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of the service…?

Through our hands-on Customer Journey Mapping programme, we embed ourselves within your company to drive change and help you deliver exemplary customer service. To find out more, please contact one of the Deep See team.

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