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Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is no longer enough! Times have changed and what used to work in the past will not have the same effect today. Satisfied customers are customers that have only had their expectations met but in today’s ultra-competitive environment, just meeting needs is not good enough; expectations need to be exceeded and customer loyalty is the Holy Grail!

  • A satisfied customer = lower complaints = lower cost to serve
  • A loyal customer = reduced churn + spend more + advocacy = increased revenue & customer base

Customer satisfaction research has advanced massively over the years from “satisfaction” measurement to “loyalty” measurement and the development of metrics such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Net Value Score. However, just asking a simple satisfaction question does not go far enough.

Deep See’s customer loyalty analytics plan guides companies in targeting change in the areas that will have most impact on their customers, thus allowing identification of where to focus attention to not only increase customer loyalty but also reap the rewards from profitable customers. Our expertise in international research enables us to develop holistic loyalty plans that allow you to drive growth on a truly global basis. This means understanding the detail and nuances of researching consumers in different countries – but also means relating this detail back to the global, strategic picture.

If you want to develop a successful customer loyalty plan that really makes a difference to your company’s bottom line, speak to Deep See.