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Product Research

From understanding future trends (before customers even know what they want), to developing innovative products, through to establishing the perfect pricing strategy, and developing scintillating customer value propositions, product research is hugely diverse – and involves so much more than simply the product itself!

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Innovation & Product Development

‘Product development’ and ‘innovation’ are one and the same. Both are critical to the long-term growth of every company. Good new product development is on-going; evolutionary rather than revolutionary. As […]

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Pricing & Value Research

Consumers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever before. Furthermore, markets are becoming more competitive and are constantly evolving. Developing the right pricing strategy has, therefore, never been more crucial to […]

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Product Portfolio Research

Businesses are rarely one-dimensional entities and usually have complex structures running throughout. A company may, for example, operate numerous business units, and is likely to have a wide-ranging product portfolio […]

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Value Proposition Research

Developing a value proposition (also known as a customer value proposition or CVP) is core to marketing and places marketing at the heart of your business’s activities. In simple terms, […]

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