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Value Proposition Research

Developing a value proposition (also known as a customer value proposition or CVP) is core to marketing and places marketing at the heart of your business’s activities. In simple terms, it refers to matching each of the 4Ps (the marketing mix) against your customers’ needs. As such, it frequently follows segmentation as the savvy marketer targets a different proposition at each segment.

We are specialists in tailoring CVP development initiatives around your business and your target consumers. You may wish us to focus on building product attributes and product range, or you might require our help in developing your service offering. Equally, we can focus on the higher level attributes such as brand, which is particularly critical when dealing with commodity products .

Based on qualitative and quantitative research or as a stand-alone consultancy project, Deep See can help you develop a value proposition that extracts the maximum value from your customer base.

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Looking Further. Seeing More.